Your Campaign Is Set Up & You’re Nearly Ready To Go Live!

But first, please watch below…

(Any stock images on the funnel can be replaced with your own, please email

Here’s The Link To Your Facebook Ad:

Here Are The Links To Your Funnel:


To ensure you have optimal success please make sure you have implemented the below. The more you have ticked off, the better your results will be:

  • Have you been through sales training?
  • Do you have a clear pricing structure?
  • Have you cleared your schedule to make time for calls/sales?
  • Have you updated staff about the marketing plan?
  • Have you edited the emails in Active Campaign?
  • Have you downloaded the Sales KPI tracking sheet?

What do I do now?

If you haven’t ticked off all of the above it’s in your best interests to implement this ASAP!

If you’re confident you’ve completed the above, you are ready to turn your campaign on.

When The Campaign Goes Live...

Attend Sales Coaching and Office Hours to regularly check in with the team - these calls are designed for the team to be able to support you and ensure you get the best results possible. The links to these sessions are posted into the FMA 90 Day Momentum Facebook group and also emailed to you each week.

For any questions or support outside of these call times please email and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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